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I sought out Arsalan not because I had a specific issue to resolve, but rather because I believe in the value of a coach - someone to work with on taking my performance to the next level -, and I believe in growth - it’s a significant and continuous journey, and there is always room for it. The best investment you can ever make is in yourself!

Working with Arsalan has been heart and mind-opening. His method is unique and requires a complete deconstruct of all the things we were taught to take as truth and to reconstruct it all based on our own truth. He is sharp and to the point and at the same time, he is empathetic and supportive. His humility and kindness have no bounds and I feel blessed to have worked with him ... it was more than I expected and I cannot recommend him enough.

Alia Al Mur, Chief Marketing Officer

I had the pleasure of meeting Arsalan 7 years ago and I felt the need of talking and starting the coaching method we discussed. 

I was always stressed, running after time and things to finish. Arsalan identified straight away my needs as a CEO leader of a growing company.

He helped me at that stage of my life, where I was a new father, growing company stress, less exercise and thinking of others, and neglecting myself. 

I felt like the  Ascension Method was the starting point in reprogramming my unconscious mind. It was intense as we spent our time together going to the unconscious mind, breathing techniques, removing all the barriers, thinking about myself, and putting my own boundaries. 

My favorite part of the method was going back to unconscious thinking that was affecting today's reality and we deconstructed that to change my reality. 

I highly recommend Arsalan and his Ascension Method. Thank you

Mimoun Assraoui - CEO

Before my visit to Arsalan I was under the impression that everything was  “great”, yet I couldn’t help but feel numb. Great Job. Great family. Great friends. Great life. On paper - everything was great. As if I was almost floating through life, as if I was observing my life but not actually living it. No highs, no lows. Just a  strange grey hue. 

Then a friend told me about a “voodoo – mind wizard”, that brought back his drive for life and gave him a new hunger he never thought he would possess again. “I’ll take a slice of that” I  thought….and off I went to see Arsalan. 

Fast – Forward just a few weeks later, I’m now achieving personal goals I’ve always assumed were unachievable and challenging myself in every possible way. That grey hue?! What grey hue! 

I feel Arsalan has allowed me to stop with self-doubt and allowed me to start living the way I always should have been. 

And where to start about the “voodoo-mind Wizard” himself…….. quite possibly one of the most humbling individuals I have ever had the honor to meet, wise, incredibly intelligent, and someone that I’ve vowed to see on a regular basis as whatever his secret is – I’m in.

Abbie Ryan, Founder and Managing Director

I wanted my life to be different but I was afraid of change. Arsalan eased my fears by letting me know that only I can set my vision and future; that he was only there to provide the framework and help me guide myself better. 

It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I gathered a list of all the things I wanted to change and one-by-one removed them from my life! I found that the sessions were personable - more like chatting with a long-time friend rather than in a clinical setting. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a structure to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. 

Arsalan has removed fears that I thought would live inside me forever, I now feel empowered to face the world with strength- knowing now that there is always a way to get out of your old habits.  His constant checkups and advice help me focus and stay on track with change. 

I am now living a life that I love with joy. Do not hesitate to reach out for help and know that your investment in yourself is always worth it! In summary, Arsalan has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful. 

Prefers to be left anonymous

I contacted Arsalan to extend my like-minded coaching network, being a coach myself, and sharing experiences in the field. During our first discussion, it became very clear that I'm struggling with some heavy-weight limiting beliefs (not being good enough..) which were holding me back on my transformation journey.

That's how I became his client and just in one extended session a huge shift happened and I felt so much lighter as if I'd dropped some heavy rock from my shoulders. The very next day I  started to execute the tasks which I was resisting for months and not only I didn't feel any resistance anymore, I even enjoyed the process. 

I'm deeply grateful for the experience and will recommend his services to anyone in need. Thank you once again.

Szilvia Vitos, Wellbeing Coach | Founder & General Manager

I have had read a lot about neurolinguistic programming, paradigm shift, the whole field of quantum physics, the law of vibration and the power of imagination and its connection to the generative qualities of human body cells, and even about the understanding and mastering of the unconscious mind and what really conditions most of our daily actions, yet somehow it never really came together and left many open questions.

When I was introduced to Arsalan, all these different topics came together and started to make sense. Arsalan was not only able to explain the science behind most of these fields, but he put them in perspective how to live by them, how to make use of this knowledge, and how to find a path that would combine knowledge, the quest for more and the belief that all tools for a resourceful life are actually within my own doing. 

Our first session was far from what I expected. It was intense. It  was eye-opening and above all talking to Arsalan felt like talking to a friend that I’ve known for years, even though we had just met twice previously. I knew for this to work and for me to find  clarity and answers to the many questions I had, I had to trust him. The environment that Arsalan created, provided that opportunity - he came prepared to every session with all kinds of methods we were to test and follow through. Many of the various exercises, conversations and methods we applied brought to light knowledge about myself, that often left me wondering. The results after some of these sessions were even more intense. While perhaps nothing physically changed, I  could see things from another perspective and understand situations differently. After every session, I felt I was leaving more baggage behind and most of all, I felt I was finding answers to why certain situations in the past had happened and how some of my actions or feelings resulted from that.

While I know, I had to be willing to follow the path and be prepared for the sessions, I also know the way Arsalan guided this journey was the reason, I not only found answers and more understanding how things impacted each other, but really Arsalan provided through his countless explanations and knowledge behind some of the methods used, an approach to life and a sense of clarify and affirmation that most of what we need is truly within us. 

Thank you Arsalan for guiding me on this journey, your immense knowledge, kindness and the  determination to find the real answers and more so the tools to be resourceful. 

You’ve been a great inspiration & mentor! 

Prefers to be left anonymous

I worked with Arsalan at a time when I was approaching new phases in my life in terms of my career, relationships, and finances, and needed a professional coach to guide me. I was drawn to him because of his holistic approach and spiritual underlying. 

The sessions with Arsalan are comfortable, curious, and eye-opening, allowing for an environment that genuinely and deeply nurtures personal growth. From the first discovery session, I began learning how to find the guidance I needed within myself. Arsalan’s support is extended beyond the sessions; his follow-up calls are a joy and a driver to be accountable. 

His unique method is simple to digest and put into practice, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with him. I recommend working with Arsalan for anyone looking to transform into an upgraded version of themselves. 

Abeer Amiri - Chief - Volunteering & Participation

The journey I have been on since working with Arsalan has literally been life-changing. 

Arsalan has such a rare gift of facilitating this healing and growth in one's life, that after the very first session I experienced a shift in the most profound way. His passion and commitment to helping each of his clients achieve this high level of thinking and belief system are tangible and as I  have experienced, guide you to realize your true purpose. 

At a time in my life when I’ve had to make some massive changes and decisions, Arsalan has believed in and guided, and supported me and I know that without his commitment and support, and unique way of getting me to see things differently, I would not have gotten through this. His space is safe. His counsel is wise and I leave each session believing I can conquerer the world.  My gratitude to and for him and The Ascension Method is enormous. Once I started shifting my beliefs and experiencing what Arsalan has shared through his own experiences, amazing and wonderful things fell into place, and continue to do so. I was able to line myself up to receive what you’re meant to. Being in the now,  grateful and open to what you’re meant to receive, it flows and it flows abundantly. 

Thank you so very very much, Arsalan. You have so much to offer the world and I'm forever grateful. 

Michi Smith, Stylist & Consultant

My career involves continuous training sessions and serious evaluations. After experiencing what at the time felt like a defeat in an evaluation, my confidence took a huge blow. It caused me to bring back old feelings from past experiences that I once felt I had already overcome. I didn’t really know who to talk to or how to address my feelings and rebuild my confidence. 

Arsalan met me and we had a brief chat about his methods and my experience. He was very calming and encouraging, not just in his approach to the sessions, but also it is in his personality. His background in sports competitions, I believe, are very important to what he has dedicated himself to as a performance, motivational and transformational coach. 

After developing a program personalized just for me, Arsalan gave me motivation and encouragement as I worked through mental barriers and old feelings. Even to try new things like meditation. The sessions in his program we did together helped me to break down old mental constructs that were blocking my confidence. As we broke them down together, the program helped me to rebuild my confidence but in addition, it was Arsalan’s encouragement and positive energy that also helped me to rebuild my confidence to be much stronger and fortified than ever before. 

One of my immediate goals to achieve from Arsalan’s program was to help me prepare for another big challenge in my career. As I went into that challenge, my mental toughness, my physical calmness, and the strength of my confidence were at all-time highs. I was smiling during the entire new challenge, and My outcome was greatly successful. 

I would recommend anyone who would like to transform themselves for the better and achieve their maximum potential to meet with Arsalan. 

Alejandro Simonpietri, Captain

I met Arsalan in the virtual world. I knew I found the right crystal who could definitely help me cross the path of transformation in this time of my life. And I was right. 

He with his bright energy and goodwill, his creative method and light spirit, understood what  I needed and gave me the right dose of it to achieve big changes and transform my present life into a healthy way of thinking with resilience so that I can create an authentical loving present life and future. 

He lives what he teaches, which encourages me to go through this intense process full of magical changes and healing that is being reflected in the well-being of my children today and in the little things that make life so special every day. Transformations that occurred days after we met allow me to say that he is pure magic and a Human being that gives much love and bright thoughts to what he does which had and has now a big impact on my life. 

I would definitely return to him and swim again in the waters of awakening with much trust that he will be the light to follow so that I can grow wings to fly. Thank you eternally  

Ximena Sedano, Award Winning Visual Artist

Being a spiritual person and having gone through several therapies and experiences, I was still looking for that click, that leap of faith that would get me to the next chapter of my life. When I  met Arsalan I was under antidepressants and sleep medications due to chronic stress. I did not really know how to joyfully be in the present moment. 

Arsalan’s method, and all his being, helped me jump into action to complete my transformation. I  not only started healing my limiting beliefs but also acting differently. I finally experienced the connection between our beliefs, our thoughts and emotions, our actions, and what we manifest in our lives. 

Just one month after starting my coaching process with Arsalan, I started seeing important changes and breakthroughs in my life including the progressive decrease in my medications,  thriving at work, discovering joy, and being hundred percent loving and comfortable with myself. 

It just took one month to start seeing these changes. Also, determination and discipline, and of course Arsalan’s magic to be able to discover mine. 

Angela Ramirez

Before working with Arsalan, I had a certain idea about my business. I had a plan for my future and the kind of brand I was going to create and represent.  

Instead, I realized that I had lost the initial vision I had for myself and that the one I have now was built on fear. It was just an accumulation of what worked for me in the past. Coach Arsalan helped me remember that initial vision I had and set me on the current path I am on now. His words of encouragement hit home and the hope that I had lost, I found in me once again. 

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to this man. Now, I  am totally aligned and fulfilled with every bit of work I put out, and what I thought was impossible when i first started out, became a natural day to day occurrence now. Thank you and God bless you and your family. Lots of love 

Sandy Vasu - Coach, Family Dynamics Architect

My journey with Arsalan has been nothing short or incredible. He helped me discover, articulate, and break through limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living a life of joy. Most importantly he held a safe space (no judgment) for me to grow. It was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone! 
Tania Jarjur - General Counsel



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