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Interviews, Speaking & Podcasts

Interviews, Speaking & Podcasts

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Arsalan Al Hashimi, is a High-Performance Master Coach and Mentor helping successful, ambitious leaders and pro-athletes perform at peak levels in the vital areas of their lives, while they consciously lead as they can ascend to their next summit.

Arsalan is a leading authority on high-performance while creating results in all areas of their lives. Arsalan is certified as a Health Coach, Master Life Coach, Master Hypnotist, Time Paradigm Techniques Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coach and Master Practitioner, RSCI Master Coach, and Relationship Coach.

Through his experience, he has created the Ascension Method; a holistic process to help leaders master their entire lives.

Arsalan lives in Dubai with his wife and small daughter. 

How expanding your mind, body and soul with sustainable lifestyle upgrades will improve your performance to peak levels
How to recondition your unconscious mind to achieve inner freedom as you learn to confidently release self-doubt & chronic stress
How to align with your higher purpose so you elevate your mindset and harness. your energy for unstoppable success

We invited Arsalan as a speaker for World Mental Health Day. The insights he shared with the audience were very enlightening. He knew how to capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. He’s full of knowledge, very friendly, and has a great personality.

We will definitely invite Arsalan to all our future events! 

Again, thank you so much. I mean every word.

Meera Khalifa, Founder, Society Revived